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2. Why non-verbal communication can be considered relevant

3. Why non-verbal communication can be considered irrelevant


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2. Why non-verbal communication can be considered relevant

Almost every management textbook mentions that non-verbal communication plays a significant role in an organization. Communication itself is very important in an organization as it takes 80% of the managers’ day. (Riggio, Feldman, 2005)
There is an opinion that non-verbal communication is the most powerful form of communication and it makes you understand people better than words. Good communicators are always sensitive to the emotions. (Heathfield, n.d.)
Let us see why non-verbal communication can be relevant in everyday life and especially for managers.
First of all it helps to interpret the verbal means of communication right. In our everyday life we usually use body language to give a full meaning to our words. And saying the same word with different facial expressions and different movements can mean totally different things.

3. Why non-verbal communication can be considered irrelevant
nonverbal dialogue gesture mimicry
In this part of essay analysis of the reasons why non-verbal communication can be considered irrelevant will be done.
First of all cultural differences have huge impact on non-verbal communication. They often lead to miscommunication. An example of a student and an employee of a university can highlight this statement better. A multinational student was trying to explain a white woman in the university that he had paid the bill and he was doing it by waving his hands and minimizing the distance between him and the woman. There was an impression that the student was chasing her, but in reality minimizing the distance between people was considered to be respectful from the point of view of the student’s culture. Also there are lots of signs and movements that differ from culture to culture and using them incorrectly can lead to miscommunication. (The importance of Nonverbal Communication. N.d.


Looking at all the above mentioned points of relevance and irrelevance of non-verbal communication, we can come to a conclusion, than verbal and non-verbal communication behaviour can not be separated from each other.
Though we say that non-verbal communication has a cultural meaning we also know that body language has universal components and there are signs and gestures than do not vary from culture to culture.
Though we say that non-verbal behaviour can be interpreted wrong, we also can say that without them people would misunderstand each other much more frequently.
And though we say that during evaluating or interviewing employees verbal behaviour is much more important, we can say for sure that though some employers can excuse the dress-code violations, no employer will excuse more serious non-verbal misbehaviours such as talking on phone during the interview even to the best qualified employee.

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